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eeeeeeerrrr are you dumb, pro green went in

Kukula land

I came across Kukula trying to get inspiration for a tattoo I wanted and fell in love with her work instantly. Some of you again might think im crazy but hey it is what it is mehn. Ima post some pics below. Tell me what you think, i had these pictures saved to my laptop with no names or art materials used so if you want more info check it

Ink appreciation

I really can not remember how I came across Kurt Halsey but Im glad I did because he is incredible. Many of you may disagree but there is no wrong or right in art its a means of expression. he describes his drawings and paintings as ‘ little moments and simple thoughts’ and that is exactly what they are. Ive picked out a few of my faves to share with you guys, for more info check out his site .


And I will write you letters

medium: pencil and ink on paper
dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″

Touch feet ums

medium: pencil and ink on paper
dimensions: 10″ x 8″


Quietly a song (from a green album) grew into something so grand

medium: acrylic on canvas
dimensions: 26″ x 26″


Always ‘member, never forget

medium: acrylic on canvas
dimensions: 26″ x 50″

Some tattoos of Kurts work

This must of hurt but i love it

Amazing colours

I want these birds and bees s bad…next tattoo maybe =)))

Love the quote

ah man i love Kurt Halsey <33333

If your ending Is’nt happy, your story Is’nt over

Holly Fulton

*sigh* I love this up and coming designer Holly Fulton. A few seasons ago she had an amazing  collection on sale at topshop and now she has a range at making it easier for regular people like us to have a piece of the pie. Holly is known for her geometric surface designs which I absolutely love. I’ve picked out a few of my faves from her spring/summer 2011 collection.

Man I love the floor scraping skirts and box shape dresses. Luckily i can get y hands on the not so luxe asos collection I do quite like this dress anddd the leggins …hmmmm.


Holly Fulton for ASOS Printed Shoulder Pad Dress

Silk and cotton shift dress by Holly Fulton for ASOS. Featuring a contrast printed arrow style design, round neckline with structured padded shoulders, crop sleeves and a concealed zip closure to reverse.


Holly Fulton for ASOS Printed Legging

Stretch leggings by Holly Fulton for ASOS. Featuring a contrast printed design, elasticated band and trim to ankle cuff.

Great style, great hair

So I’m back with  another set of girls with great hair and style. The last set I posted received great feedback so I’ve got a few more to share. If I get enough response I may make a separate page for on this blog for this category. Remember you can send your pics to

After Cassie did this a few years back it has really been catching on with not everyone being able to pull it off. Model Rachele from London definitely pulled it off with her gorgeous curls and colour.

Photographer and student Naomi is AMAZING. Her hair and style is definatly on point, in fact so on point i had to post 2 pics

note. this site does not promote swagger jacking 

Turbans are proving to be quite popular

friend Steillah definitely embraces her natural hair. This picture has a very alluring old skool feel about it and i love it.

We all know and love designer kesh from the coconut twins

Musician Iman hashis hair is amazing and i love the ripped tights and tied sweater.

This girl has a baa (bad ass afro) and her legs are amazing. Her Leather jacket gives a contrasting toughness to otherwise girly sequins.