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If your ending Is’nt happy, your story Is’nt over

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Apologising doesn’t always mean that I am wrong and the other person is right. It could also mean that I value that relationship much more than my ego.


Mr. Right

‘All the good men are either taken or gay’ is a a phrase us girls use all the time, but look no further I have found the solution to all our problems. Never again will we have to complain about the toilet seat being left up and having to listen to the outcries of abuse being thrown at the television set for I bring you a match made in heaven and all for just £12.00 …..sold!

Soft and perfect for those late night snuggles, what more can we ask for ………apart from the celibacy thing Perfect right? no?! well it was worth a shot =p

Knit your own boyfriend comes with everything you need to make the magic happen instructions, darning needle, 2x knitting needles yarn and toy stuffing. Available in store or at

No need to thank me

first things first

gosh it feels like i haven’t blogged for so long, there’s so many things i want to tell you all about, I’m sure ill forget a few and have to edit this to put them in but anyway.

First things first i got another tattoo i call it robot love, i was browsing the world wide web when i came across these really cool robot love badges and one image really stuck in my head and i mean literally thinking about it none stop, I knew it must be the one lool no but seriously its pretty cool check it out below and tell me what you think …..