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Great style, great hair

So I’m back with  another set of girls with great hair and style. The last set I posted received great feedback so I’ve got a few more to share. If I get enough response I may make a separate page for on this blog for this category. Remember you can send your pics to

After Cassie did this a few years back it has really been catching on with not everyone being able to pull it off. Model Rachele from London definitely pulled it off with her gorgeous curls and colour.

Photographer and student Naomi is AMAZING. Her hair and style is definatly on point, in fact so on point i had to post 2 pics

note. this site does not promote swagger jacking 

Turbans are proving to be quite popular

friend Steillah definitely embraces her natural hair. This picture has a very alluring old skool feel about it and i love it.

We all know and love designer kesh from the coconut twins

Musician Iman hashis hair is amazing and i love the ripped tights and tied sweater.

This girl has a baa (bad ass afro) and her legs are amazing. Her Leather jacket gives a contrasting toughness to otherwise girly sequins.


My hair journey

I have currently been on my hair journey for nearly 3 years. Wow ,that’s a long time to still have a T.W.A. but overall hair health is more imporant to me than length, who the hell wants here down to their butts when its spilt all the way up to bra strap length hair ,anyway….I’ve learnt a lot about taking care of my 4a/4b hair (refer to hair type im about to post) and can now actually retain length in my natural state which seemed almost impossible before. Even though i know alot about napps, kinks what ever you wanna call them i still make silly desicions and if you know me well you will know I am a take action and deal with the consequences later kinda gal. Ive done it all braids, colour, relaxers and now  im ready for the quiet life.

I’ve attached some pictures of my hair journey thus far. I will keep you updated.


1. Did you transition or bc?

I did a big chop, the 2 textures werent working for me

2.What is your hair type?


3. how long have you been natural

just over a year I’ve bced twice

4.  What do you use in your hair?

I will upload my regime in the near future

Below are a few images of my hair journey from 2008 through to now

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Great hair and style

Now I appreciate the hard works of designers showcasing in Fashion weeks all over the world and fashion is very important to me but  something that is even more important is style. Being dressed head to toe in Gucci is NOT the way forward. I’ve compiled a compilations of  natural sisters who have it on lock. If you are natural and have great style you can send your pictures and be featured in this post.

Great natural hair and style ,TOGETHER.


Casual chic.

A photo speaks a thousand words.

Wearing an oversized shirt as a dress is always a hit .

Amazing hair amazing style.

This woman’s T.W.A compliments the toughness of her outfit.

I love patterned tights add interest to an outfit. Turbans are also great for bad hair days .

These woman’s edgy strong character comes through her clothes and creates a very interesting story.