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I’ve been trying to take care of y self more and do things that I should be doing i.e always having my nails painted In some scruptious shade or wearing  heels everywear i go to prove that I a some glamazon but being a mum and a student and finding time to blog it seems like being able to create a weave from the hair on my legs is a thing im starting to get used to…..untill now. I’ve been with my hubby for a little over a month and girls with boyfriends/ husbands know its easy to start slacking once the honey moon period is up. It is still important not to completly let go not just because of your other half but for yourself. I’ve found my self- esteem really slipping lately and i think its a direct correlation of the fact that i’ve been lacking in that department. Saying this i am starting a skin care regimen, now I am 21 but I do still get the occasional breakout but I found that this particular product really helps me.

I exfoliate like every 2 days and with this product from the first use you can really tell the difference. This is actually my second time buying it and i think its going to my a staple. I still really need a face cream for winter that i dont need a savings account to afford so if anyone has any suggestions on anything let just leave a coment below and oh yh dont forget to join the fan page on facebook, just click the badge on the right, thanks





I’m having extreme cravings for dark shades on the lips. I don’t know why but i just have an impulse to go out and buy one and to look like I may at any second turn into a blood sucking vampire or disappear from ones sight and yes I am aware that Halloween has is now behind us *shrugs* I should get some sleep……

(photo credits Glam canyon)